Staff & Volunteers

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The staff members are an integral part of our organization. They bring a combination of experience and sensitivity while mentoring our young adults who are their peers. They are part of the decision making process that designs programs and develops individual strategies for each young adult. DANI appreciates and treasures them.


DANI appreciates the time offered by community members to our young adults.
We welcome anyone who wishes to:


  • share a skill
  • mentor a young adult,
  • assist in daily activity at DANI’s PLACE
  • join a committee
  • be part of our annual gala and community celebration
  • assist with fundraising
  • help courier our DANI Dairy Delights Catering venture
  • help broaden our name in the community
  • just shmooze and spend time with our young adults


DANI’s runs a number of small-scale events throughout the year as well as our annual Gala & Community Celebration. Community volunteers are cornerstones in ensuring the success of these events.
Throughout the year DANI’s continuously welcomes volunteers to help out in our day programs, catering initiative and other skill based activities.

To find out how you can get involved as a volunteer at our events or programs please visit “Volunteer Now” .
Your support, monetary or time, is welcomed and appreciated.