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It is so important that DANI gives me a chance to be part of the community. They make me feel good by focusing on my abilities rather than my disabilities. I can do so many things and I don’t feel different. I can learn, cook, enjoy Shabbatons, take trips and talk about what is important to me. Words cannot truly express how much I appreciate having the chance to feel more connected. My experience at DANI is truly the best.

Guitti Perman

(DANI Young Adult)

DANI has been a lifeline for Guitti. I have always said that our kids have real advantages with excellent medical care, therapies and educational opportunities. The one thing that was missing? Friendship. At DANI, Guitti has found friends, mentors, people who care, teachers and peers. In other words, a real community. A community in which she enjoys unconditional acceptance, appropriate expectations and unmeasured support. She has grown and matured in her interactions with staff and peers alike. With the support of her counselors at DANI she has come to accept herself and has learned that there is a place for her in the community. She feels valued, relevant and necessary.

Chaya Perman

(DANI parent)

DANI’s programs provide endless opportunities for Jesse to gain independence, socialize, make friends, learn valuable skills, and be included in the world around him. All within a loving, secure, supportive environment. Jesse loves being a part of the Sunday program, the holiday programs and the summer camp program. Beginning in the fall he will also be a part of the day program. Knowing Jesse is respected, well taken care of, and flourishing within the DANI programs has given our family enormous peace of mind and also enables us to take advantage of desperately needed respite time. The parental input and support that is a cornerstone of DANI is invaluable and not available anywhere else. DANI is a tremendous source of security and comfort for both DANI parents and kids. Our parents have formed bonds and friendships right along side our kids. DANI parents laugh together, cry together and rally around each other. Only those who walk in our shoes could possibly understand the enormous challenges and heartaches that we endure day in and day out. We sustain each other. Through DANI, we are all a family.

Gail Saperia

(DANI parent)