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What is DANI Dairy Delights?
Dani Dairy Delights is a catering business venture with social relevance. This business began in March of 2011 and has quickly become an essential component of DANI’s day program. Under the guidance of a professional chef and staff, our young adults prepare and organize lunches and platters for smaller functions. Each young adult has a unique job that is based on his or her own interests and abilities. Orders are delivered and payment is collected by the young adults themselves. The money raised is placed in a business account and the young adults, as partners, pay themselves a nominal salary from the profits and the rest goes to help fund our programs. It is an incredibly encouraging and confidence building proposal that benefits the adults and the Jewish community. The young adults practice kitchen, daily living and social skills that promote transition to independence in addition to financial values and planning. DANI values our young adults as contributing members of our community. The catering venture incorporates practical, realistic, concrete opportunities for learning, maturing and growing towards an independent life.

DANI is excited to announce that we have just moved into our new home with an industrial kitchen. DANI Dairy Delights can now accommodate large-scale events. Lots of delicious possibilities and exciting choices; baby quiches, mini blintzes, teriyaki salmon, quinoa salad, pastries galore and more…
Under the tutelage of our esteemed chef Orly, this catering venture provides support and training for young adults with challenges in the midst of our Jewish community. Profits are directed back into the DANI program in order for our adults to become more self reliant. COR Chalav Yisroel

For more information, please contact amiller@dani-toronto.com

We wanted to thank you for the lovely sheva berachot that you hosted last Monday. The venue was perfect- intimate, bright, beautiful, spotless, and very warm and welcoming. The food was fantastic; well- displayed and served and it was yummy and plentiful. DANI is a perfect venue for a family gathering, sheva berachot, bris, baby naming or other celebration. We are really happy that we could celebrate at the new DANI facility and we hope that you host many other semachot in your beautiful new home. Once again, thanks and may you go from strength to strength

Lori and Charles Grysman

(thank you response for having Sheva Brachot at our Centre)