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Developing And NurturingIndependence

We empower every adult with developmental disabilities to grow and thrive through personal development, community integration, and a focus on individual strengths.



of donations go to the programs

of families were satisfied with the level of care to their loved ones


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We have successfully created more than 150 opportunities for work and volunteering within the community, and we continue to expand this number

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of individuals regarded companies who hired people with a disability

more favorably than their competitors.

individuals served annually


We believe in the power of inclusion and the potential of every individual. Through our comprehensive goal actualization, skills training and community support, we empower individuals with developmental disabilities to thrive and lead fulfilling lives.

Providing Life-Changing Opportunities for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities


Dedicated to job placement and skill development, we empower participants for workplace success.

A DANI participant in a black long-sleeve shirt, smiling at the camera while holding a stack of boxed products in a warehouse. Behind him, another participant in a green shirt is focused on packing items. Shelves stocked with various materials blur in the background, highlighting an active work environment.


Enhancing everyday life skills through practical literacy, like reading lists and using digital interfaces

A DANI participant focused on an online session on a laptop in a cozy workspace. To the side, a pink vase with dried pampas grass and a colorful painted canvas add a touch of personalization. The participant's attention is on the screen, which shows a video conference, indicating a virtual learning or meeting scenario.


Focused on enhancing social skills, our program encourages meaningful interactions and community integration.


Annual full-scale theatrical production showcasing our participants' talents at the Richmond Hill Centre for Performing Arts.

A pre-session gathering of DANI participants on stage, seated in a semi-circle, before their annual performance of 'Shrek'. The group, attired in black, is inclusive, featuring a participant in a wheelchair. The stage is washed in dramatic purple lighting, setting the tone for the creativity and collaborative spirit evident in the preparations for the play.


Diverse artistic expressions from traditional painting to sculpturing, culminating in an exclusive art exhibition.

Two DANI participants focused on sculpting in a pottery workshop. The participant in the foreground, wearing a green top, carefully shapes a clay figure's facial feature, while the participant in the maroon sweater observes closely. The artwork appears to be a bust with detailed hair texture, reflecting the hands-on artistic activity of the session.


In-house music studio fostering creativity and expression, where participants record and explore musical dimensions.



Daniel K.

DANI is the first place that cared about what I wanted for myself.

A portrait of a DANI participant with a warm smile, wearing glasses and a cozy white hoodie with the DANI logo embroidered on the left side. The background is softly tinted pink, adding a gentle contrast to the black and white subject, highlighting the individual's cheerful demeanor


96% of donations go directly to our programs

DANI employees with developmental disabilities will experience greater independence and inclusion

Donations are 100% tax deductible


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