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A cutting-edge residential experience that creates an inclusive home for adults with developmental disabilities.

Architectural rendering of Dani's Place, showcasing a modern two-story building with a blend of large glass windows and wooden paneling. The entrance features a prominent overhang and steps leading to a dark doorway. On the lawn, the address '174' is visible, and a white car is parked in the driveway. The logo of 'Dani's Place' with a house outline and orange and green accents is displayed in the lower right corner, indicating a welcoming residential facility.



The cost of owning a home continues to be set at an impossible price for the majority of people (newcomers, young professional, and low-income families).

This reality has increased the demand for rental properties, creating a rental fee hike that is untenable to this same population, leaving them with very few options outside of poverty. This reality is especially true for persons with developmental disabilities – who have limited options for employment (if there are any at all).

DANI'S Place is providing high-quality homes at below market fees to meet the challenges presented by the housing crisis.


The government-funded housing waitlist exceeds 35 years and is only applicable for those in urgent need (e.g., homelessness, unsafe living conditions). Without such crises, the wait extends beyond average life expectancy.

Aging Parents

As parents of adults with developmental disabilities age, they carry a very real worry about how their child will be taken care of when they are no longer able to. This is a frightening and stressful reality for parents in a world where care costs are too high to afford.

Caregiver Burnout

The financial and emotional costs of caregiving are escalating, leading to a crisis in quality and availability of care.

I'm so happy to finally move out on my own with my friends.

Carolyne F.



We are creating a cost effective, high quality initiative which is our answer to the current housing crisis.


We are taking a unique approach to staffing at our home, moving away from the legacy models, that utilize a less-effective shift workers structure. By assigning permanent staff to each house, we are not only reducing costs but also enhancing the quality of care.

This strategy allows our staff to form deeper, more meaningful relationships with residents - in a warm and inclusive home – where we are fostering a sense of stability and personal connection that significantly improves the overall experience.


Our residential center is constructed according to the highest standards to create a warm, inclusive home. It's designed to be both inviting and attractive, featuring modern design elements and beautifully furnished interiors.


In the home’s design we have been mindful of living amenities, ensuring every detail contributes to a comfortable, aesthetically pleasing, and functional living environment for our residents.


Our residence doubles as a vibrant community hub for community-building and off-campus connections, featuring three main communal spaces designed to foster interaction and engagement among residents, neighbours, and local businesses.

• 500 sq.ft gym

Computer lab and learning center

• Spacious 300ft lot for diverse annual outdoor programming.

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