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We are not  just another option; we're a different path altogether! Individuals with different abilities are encouraged to grow, engage, and be the architects of their futures.



We are all about focusing on potential, not limitations. We see the person, not a diagnosis. Each individual is a world of potential, with unique dreams and necessities.



We focus on the unique strengths, abilities and preferences that our participants bring and are committed to a person-centered approach.


Our activities aren't pre-packaged; they're crafted to explore the potential of each individual's personal abilities, aspirations, goals, and interests.



We understand the importance of community engagement as a key indicator of quality of life.

We collaborate with dozens of organizations to go beyond the usual community-based recreational activities, focusing on providing authentic, meaningful opportunities.



Our role isn't to define what they can or cannot do, but to empower them to discover their strengths, and exceed their own expectations.

We deploy a strategy that makes the most of every resource to champion the empowerment of adults with developmental disabilities.



DANI's responsive programming utilizes dynamic group sizes, small and large, in our activities. These activities support our participants to achieve the objectives laid out in their person centred Goal Action Plan.  Activities range within these five broad categories:

Our curriculum changes on an annual basis. To download the 2023 Curriculum Review, Click Here

  • At DANI, we know the desire to learn doesn’t stop when school is finished.  Our program participants continue their learning journey in a vast array of classroom and functional opportunities.  Some examples include:


    • Honing in on their literacy skills by contributing articles for our Newsletter

    • Learning about Data Management in an Information Technology class

    • Participating in an Animal Behaviour class to support a volunteer opportunity

    • Developing skills in self-advocacy through a Broadcasting workshop

  • Through our many partnerships with other not for profit organizations and private businesses, our program provides the opportunity to actively contribute to the community.  Whether it  be helping at a foodbank or at an animal shelter or,  working part-time for a fair wage with one of our partner businesses, the DANI staff support our program participants develop the skills needed to perform meaningful and valued work.  We believe that knowing you that have a relied upon role in your community is existential to well-being

  • At DANI, we pride ourselves in our innovative arts programming that sets us apart from others in the sector.  We recognize the power of artistic expression as a tool to help individuals for self expression, self advocacy and forming a connection with their community.  


    DANI's annual theatre production grants the opportunity for our participants to be a member of a hardworking and  collaborative theatre troupe.  The annual production, held every May, for hundreds of attendees from our greater community, is the culmination of the group’s hard work, dedication and remarkable creativity.


    Each year the staff supports our participants with  adult appropriate visual arts programming that both fosters an appreciation for visual art and produces amazing art pieces that are presented to the community for auction each year.  The themes and dazzling presentation of our Annual Art Show are the talk of the town.

  • The relationships our staff form with each individual and their support network allow us to prioritize and target important independent living skills unique to each person.  For some, cooking and food preparation may be a priority, while for others, managing money and budgeting may be critical areas in improving their independence and quality of life.  Staff creatively collaborate with the DANI participant to integrate these skills within targeted activities and daily routines.  

  • We all need to know how to take care of ourselves in order to achieve success in any of our endeavors and those in our DANI community are no different.  Self-care topics such as managing anxiety, nutrition and advocating for our needs are addressed through programming.  In addition, opportunities to practice a healthy lifestyle through physical fitness come in the form of activities like yoga, swimming, hiking, sports and more.

Everyday we're out doing something new, it's nice to give back!

Rochi H.

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